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Priyanka Vyas

Indian Student Groups at UF

Student outreach programs offered through ICEC

  • Emergency financial assistance, scholarships and zero-interest loans

  • Cultural activities and social functions

  • Involving Indian students in the local community

  • Visits of Indian students to host families in Gainesville during holidays

  • Provision of support during times of stress and crisis

  • Organization of a physician support network for health emergencies

  • Advise and assist the Indian student organizations at the University of Florida

Educational Financial Assistance Program

The Educational Financial Assistance program was created in 1996 from a generous donation by Dr. Rasik Nagda of Ocala, FL. The purpose of this program is to give interest free loans (up to $2000.00 per person) to students of Indian origin, who have difficulty in completing their education without financial help but are in good academic standing. Financial aid is also given in an emergency situation where not only the education, but also the very sustenance of the student is at risk. This, for e.g. includes situations wherein the student needs funds to pay for apartment rent, food or medical care. To date, about 40 students have been helped under this program.

The ICEC Educational Loan Committee approves all loans, awards, scholarships and other financial assistance. The committee is comprised of the following members: Shio Agarwal, Salil Gokhale, Pramod Khargonekar, Rasik Nagda, Vasudha Narayanan, Bhavani Sankar (Chair) and Ramakant Srivastava, Eligible students may apply for a loan at any time.

You may submit your application to

Bhavani Sankar

Application Form (PDF)