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For rental information, please contact: IQ at (352) 871-7113.

President Dr. Bhavani Sankar
(352) 374-4382
bvsankar AT
Vice-President Ravi Bhosale
(352) 275-2276
bhosale.ravi AT
Secretary Dr. Ramakant Srivastava
(352) 331-0952
rsrivastava1943 AT
Treasurer Dr. Shaheda Qaiyumi
(352) 871-7112
shahedaq AT
Youth Group Coordinator Hema Agarwal
(386) 266-7750
HemaAgarwal AT
Communications Support Dr. Praveen Pathak
(352) 331-4320
praveen AT
Web Support Yogi Deshmukh
(407) 970-2934
yogid1978 AT

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Newcomers to Gainesville? WELCOME...

We are very happy to have you join our community. If you need assistance of any kind, please contact:

Ravi Bhosale (352) 275-2276 bhosale.ravi AT
If you need help regarding buy/sell/trade of cars or general information about Gainesville community, please contact:
Iqbal Qaiyumi (352) 871-7113 iqbal.qaiyumi AT

For the latest information about community events, subscribe to ICEC's listserve by sending a blank email to

1115 S.W. 13th Street Gainesville Florida 32608  (352) 379-2911